Welcome to Skeyes; your specialist in aerial photography, world wide. 

We are specialized in aerial photography for the offshore industry and maritime sector across the globe (recent projects in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Denmark and Africa). We produce images of the highest quality for both print and digital marketing collateral for your corporate communications. Our offer is a unique combination of extensive experience in photography and aerial capabilities which can be applied to a wide variety of projects. Our work is executed efficiently and reliably with photo shoot previews available within 24 hours of the aerial shoot. All this makes us your partner of choice.

The whole package! Not just from the sky, we also make your photos onboard! Please contact us for more information or visit our portfolio.

Skeyes is a company founded in Rotterdam and based in Haarlem, The Netherlands specialized in aerial and landscape photography worldwide. We have several pilots on standby who are accompanied by professional photographers whilst operating flights out of Midden Zeeland and Rotterdam.

At Skeyes we pride ourselves in producing images of the highest quality in order to ensure the most effective impact. We strive to exceed customer expectation and provide our photographers with clear pre-shoot briefings based on your specific requirements.

Skeyes, your partner of choice

  • The highest quality photo shoots to your needs
  • Flexibility in subject matter
  • Efficient and fast delivery
  • Highly competitive pricing


Phone: +31 628972769

Haarlem The Netherlands

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Email: info@skeyesphoto.com

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